Phil Robertson's Double-Date Plans Might Just Leave You Stunned

If you think you know Phil Robertson, prepare to be shocked. Mac Owen, one of the original Duckmen (and John-David's uncle), reveals what it was like to go out on the town with Phil and Miss Kay back in the day, and Martin, Stone, and John-David are blown away. Uncle Si talks about his beloved hunting trenchcoat and cracks everyone up with wild deer-hunting stories. Mac remembers insulting Phil's blind-building skills, life as Phil's first business partner, close calls in the woods, and Phil's questionable advice about deodorant. And the boys get letters from Duck Call Room's youngest guests, Leia and Sawyer. — These are amazing! Get 20% OFF your first order right now! — Get 25% off till 5/30 PLUS a free gift with code DUCKSALE! - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

The guys who kept America laughing for 11 seasons while cranking out duck calls are back in the heart of Duck Commander to share hilarious stories, tall tales, hunting adventures, pop culture commentary, and all the antics and escapades you know and love. Join Si Robertson, Justin Martin, John-David Owen, John Godwin, Jay Stone, and Phillip McMillan where it all began — in the Duck Call Room.