Doc Jones chats with Jason Kosec of MPM.V 4-5X in 18 months MILLENNIAL PRECIOUS METALS

Jason is one of the best CEO in the industry period.  "Jason Kosec CEO, President, Director . Jason has nearly ten years of experience in all facets of mineral exploration, mine development, investor relations and finance. Upon completing his undergraduate degree in Geology at Western University and a Masters in Earth and Energy Resources at Queens University, Jason worked as a Project Geologist at Trelawney Mining and Exploration, which was subsequently sold in 2012 to IAMGOLD for C$608M. Jason then moved on to work as an Exploration Geologist at a number of IAMGOLD properties and in early 2015 was recruited to join the Barkerville Gold Mines team as Sr. Geologist where he was appointed Chief Mine Geologist in 2016. In late 2017 Jason took on the role of VP Corporate Development, which ultimately led to the sale of Barkerville Gold Mines to Osisko Gold Royalties in 2019 for C$338 million. Jason is currently Vice President of Strategic Development at Sable Resources." NOTES: I recently added MPM.V to my focused Jr. Portfolio and I believe it's one of the most compelling opportunities in the Gold developer/explorers space.   Excellent proven management, high-margin/low cap-ex  projects with 1.2 million ozs of oxide gold near/at surface as a starting point, a low strip ratio, huge potential for expansion, $20 million in the bank with Eric Sprott as a cornerstone investor. MPM.V makes the grade for my very highly-focused portfolio. I see them quickly expanding to +2 million ozs, upgrading the grade, lowering the strip ratio and eventually being bought out because of the tremendous cashflow these assets will produce. It's really one of a kind at this discounted price. Essentially in my opinion +$250 million MC in the next 18 months.  Presentation: Just listen, take notes, run the numbers. The data is very solid. Podcast is not investment advice, forward looking statements are made. Do your own vetting of the data. Best, Doc Jones --- Send in a voice message:

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I’m a PRIVATE INVESTOR, enjoying early retirement after a long, successful, and fulfilling career as an investment professional with a focus on the resource sector (including oil and gas). I employ common sense, fundamental, bottom-up analysis that incorporates not limited to: currency exchange rates, cost of labor, raw materials cost, geology, metallurgy, cost of capital, infrastructure, micro/macro influencing factors, experience of management, capital discipline by management, etc, etc… Research, research, research. I run a highly concentrated and focused portfolio. The Math never lies