Petrus Resources CEO Ken Gray fireside chat with Doc Jones PRQ.TO PTRUF

I recently added Petrus to my Focused Portfolio because I think it offered the best upside amongst it's peers. Solid management, high margins, growth, tightly held, etc, etc -Petrus will be growing production from currently 6000 boe/d to over 9000 boe/d in 2022 -They are unhedged going in to Q2 which means they will capture 100% of the current spot prices -Their Ferrier Land package 70k acres, contains over 200 drilling location/ +20 year inventory, the IRR's current exceed +300% -They own all the infrastructure and have approx 5000 boe/d of unfilled capacity within their 100% owned processing plant which means they can double production within much sunk capital or delays -Based on peer evaluation, PRQ would have to rerate 80% higher based on today, then add in growth, superior economics, clean capture structure, a path to +3x returns in the next 2 years -North Ferrier 20k acres they just drilled their "Best Well EVER", the data on that will be released shortly -Insiders own over 30% of the company -While growing production and cashflow the company is on a path to be net debt free in the next 12 months ***Multiple data points within the podcast. Enjoy. Podcast is for entertainment purposes, not investing advice, do your due diligence and always vet the data. I do this for free, no one pays me.  Best Doc Jones Website: Twitter: Podcast channel: --- Send in a voice message:

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I’m a PRIVATE INVESTOR, enjoying early retirement after a long, successful, and fulfilling career as an investment professional with a focus on the resource sector (including oil and gas). I employ common sense, fundamental, bottom-up analysis that incorporates not limited to: currency exchange rates, cost of labor, raw materials cost, geology, metallurgy, cost of capital, infrastructure, micro/macro influencing factors, experience of management, capital discipline by management, etc, etc… Research, research, research. I run a highly concentrated and focused portfolio. The Math never lies