From family ties to synth pop vibes with PRYNNE aka Moana McArtney

Join us for a captivating conversation with Moana McArtney, daughter of the late Dave McArtney from Hello Sailor, as she shares her journey into the music world and her debut album's creation. Moana discusses her first single, "Kid, You're Free," its '80s synth-pop vibes, and the transformation from her music school demos to the artist she has become. She gives us an intimate look at her songwriting process and reveals her determination to remain authentic in her artistic expression, without succumbing to the pressures of commercial conformity. From her transformative college years at Western Springs College to the loss of her father and her subsequent six-year musical pursuit in London, Moana speaks candidly about the pull of home that eventually brought her back to New Zealand and the experiences that inspired her to create an album rich with life's tapestry. Join us for a conversation that captures the essence of art in its purest form, where inspiration is a living, breathing muse that demands both reverence and freedom.See for privacy information.

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