From healthcare data to global living: Fiona McPherson-Grant's inspirational journey

Today we explore the healthcare data landscape as the esteemed Global VP of Data at Orion Health, Fiona McPherson-Grant, graces the podcast with insights from her journey from New Zealand's cosy campus life to pioneering data-driven healthcare in the United States. Our discussion encapsulates the transformative power of electronic medical records and the profound implications of data in enhancing healthcare services, all while tracing the personal and professional milestones that have shaped our guest's impressive trajectory. is career advancement without traditional credentials a realistic possibility? We tackle the intricate dance of navigating corporate HR landscapes and shed light on the importance of embracing workplace diversity. Beyond the bytes and bits, we embrace the cultural richness of life as a Kiwi in the US, comparing the nuances of two worlds and savouring the joy found in reconnecting with one's heritage.See for privacy information.

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