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Måndagar Early Work with Rhys James

EP12: Mark Watson

av Early Work with Rhys James | Publicerades 3/29/2020

Non-driving son-of-a-chemistry-teacher Mark Watson is the most precocious guest so far. He wrote novels age 5 and had his own newspaper by 7, frequently publishing adverts for things you'd never anticipate a child being interested in (anyone need roofing?). The typical Watson modesty we've come to adore has been there since day one as even is his own written fantasies he's performing only quite well in international cricket fixtures and getting overwhelmed to the point of losing consciousness during time travel. He's also got an eye for a sudden ending and we're all hoping his definitely real Canadian childhood girlfriend gets in touch, flies to england, then does the podcast and goes home the end. Follow Early Work on Twitter @EarlyWorkPod or you can follow him @rhysjamesy Email your Early Work to earlyworkpodcast@gmail.com

Om Podcasten

For many performers, their biggest fears is that people will find the creative writing they produced when they were younger. Early poetry, short stories, song lyrics, scripts and more shouldn't stay hidden in shoe boxes in our parents' house or in password protected folders on our laptops. It’s time we monetised that shame and gave those pieces the public outing our 15 year old selves would’ve wanted. Each week a guest brings something they wrote in their adolescence to be discussed and co-analysed with Rhys - who will be bringing something embarrassing of his own to level the playing field.