Destiny: Dr. Shelli Renee Joye, Tantric Psychophysics

A bold synthesis of ancient sacred science, modern physics, and neuroscience designed to open access to higher consciousness• Explores how esoteric teachings from India and Tibet offer specific methods for tuning and directing consciousness to reach higher stages of awareness• Presents a wide-ranging collection of practical techniques, as well as numerous figures and diagrams, to facilitate navigation of altered states of consciousness and heightened mystical states• Develops an integrated structural map of higher consciousness by viewing Tibetan and Indian Tantra through the work of Steiner, Gurdjieff, Teilhard de Chardin, Aurobindo Ghose, and quantum physicists Planck and BohmThroughout the millennia shamans, saints, and yogis have discovered how the brain-mind can be reprogrammed to become a powerful instrument facilitating access to higher states of consciousness. In particular, the written Tantric texts of India and Tibet describe, in extraordinarily precise detail, interior transformations of conscious energy along with numerous techniques for stimulating, modulating, and transforming consciousness to reach increasingly higher states and stages of awareness.In this in-depth examination of esoteric Tantric practices, Shelli Renée Joye, Ph.D., presents a wide-ranging collection of psychophysical techniques integrating Tibetan Vajrayana and Patañjali’s yoga to induce altered states of consciousness for the exploration of heightened mystical states. Sharing numerous figures and diagrams, she shows how these theories and techniques are not only fully supported by modern biophysics, brain science, and quantum physics but are also in line with the work of Rudolf Steiner, G. I. Gurdjie , Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Aurobindo Ghose, Max Planck, and David Bohm. e author also shares insights from her own personal practices for consciousness exploration, which include prayer, mantra, emptying the mind, psychedelics, yoga, and visualization of interior physiology.Offering a structural map of the dynamics of consciousness, Joye reveals that one can develop new ways of tuning and directing consciousness to reach extraordinary modes of being and intense levels of lucid awareness, the requisites for the direct exploration of supersensible dimensions and sailing in the ocean of consciousness.Shelli Renée Joye, Ph.D., attended Rice University on a physics scholarship and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. After graduation, she worked with John Lilly on interspecies communication and pursued contemplative practice with Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. She completed her doctorate in philosophy, cosmology, and consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. The author of several books, including Developing Supersensible Perception, she lives in Viola, California.

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Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covered by conventional science and the media, we can no longer deny our ancient cultural inheritance. Our written history is wrong and we’ve been led to believe that humanity is just a few hundred thousand years old. In fact, the Hindu Yugas advance the notion that Homo Sapiens are millions of years old, and have lived onplanet Earth through a series of rebirths.It’s now a fact that we are the survivors of a series of cataclysmic events that took place approximately 12,000 to 14,000 years ago. Our ancestors may have been aware of these impending disasters and fled underground shelter, or survived in caves; others may have left the planet, but a huge number perished. Though Earth Ancients does explore some of the popular theories that ancient aliens have visited ourplanet, our philosophy and research paradigm is decidedly Earth-centric, elevating the historical discourseabout human brilliance and ingenuity found in the archaeological evidence.