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Animal Ethics & Veganism: Interview with Dr Clair Linzey from the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

Welcome to Eco-Activist Journeys! In this episode I talk to Dr Clair Linzey, Deputy Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and also a University of St Andrews alumna. She completed her master and PhD in theology at St Andrews. In addition to being the Deputy Director of the Animal Ethics Centre at Oxford, she is also Director of the Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School, co-editor of the Journal of Animal Ethics, and the Palgrave Macmillan Book Series on Animals Ethics. Clair has published a lot on this topic area, so I hope you enjoy our discussion ranging from animal ethics, veganism, nutrition, theology, and animal testing. Here is a link to the website of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, what they do, and more resources on the topic: Welcome - Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics ( This episode was recorded virtually in the beginning of April 2021 and first broadcast on St Andrews Radio. If you enjoyed this episode, please follow the Eco-Activist Journeys podcast for more discussions about life on Earth, sustainability, and visions for the future. Furthermore, watch out for some exciting changes to the Eco-Activist Podcast… Take care and best wishes, Léa My website: HOME - Eco Activists ( Instagram: @ecoactivist.lea and @ecoactivistjourneys 

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