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Ecocide Law, Nature Rights & the Stockholm+50 Legacy

Join me in a discussion with Jojo Mehta, executive director and co-founder of “Stop Ecocide International". We met in person for the first time in Stockholm for the Stockholm+50 United Nations Conference in June 2022. In this episode we discuss the criminalisation of the destruction of nature and how we can safeguard our future through changing international law. Furthermore, we talk about progress on ecocide law that was made in Stockholm and how everyone can and must form part of the global narrative to change norms and laws. I hope this episode inspires you to join the movement. Please check out the Stop Ecocide Foundation for more information and share this episode on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or directly with friends, colleagues, and fellow concerned citizens that want to help change the world. Take care and all best wishes, Léa #ecocidelaw #stockholmplus50 #naturerights #StopEcocide #JojoMehta #InternationalLaw --- Podcast Instagram: Eco-Activist Journeys Podcast (@ecoactivistjourneys) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos Instagram Léa: Léa Weimann (@ecoactivist.lea) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos My Twitter: (2) Léa Weimann (@WeimannLea) / Twitter My website: HOME - Eco Activists ( Stop Ecocide International Webpage: Stop Ecocide International Stop Ecocide International Instagram: Stop Ecocide International (@ecocidelaw) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos

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