Ecofeminism, Social Justice, Caring for the Planet & Poetry from "Dear Earth"

Join me for a discussion on ecofeminism, social justice, caring for the planet and poetry from my debut poetry book “Dear Earth”. This is a recording from my live radio show that took place on Thursday the 15th of October 2020 on St Andrews Radio. Social justice and environmentalism are integrally linked, and climate justice cannot be achieved without social justice. This episode explores the topic of ecofeminism to highlight the effects gender stereotypes have on climate politics and the relationship between humans and nature. In addition, I also read two poems from my not-for profit poetry book “Dear Earth” and share some reflections on them. Here are some more resources and links on the topics for you to explore: My article about feminism and climate politics in Brizo Magazine: Do Women Care More About Climate Change? How Can Feminist Theories Contribute to Climate Change Politics? ( My website and more information about my Dear Earth poetry book: Dear Earth - Eco Activists ( Hope you enjoy this episode of Eco-Activist Journeys! Best wishes, Léa

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