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How to reduce your plastic waste - an interview with “Less Waste Laura”

av Eco-Activist Journeys | Publicerades 10/21/2019

Single use plastics require massive amounts of energy for a very short and undervalued usage. It is also leading to the pollution of our landscapes and oceans. We can all play a part in reducing the amount of pollution and demand change in the packaging industry. Our choices impact the world in more ways than we often like to admit especially if we decide to go against the norm and do things differently. You never know who you might inspire to consider a different route...

This podcast is a short episode with Laura Young on the topic of zero waste, how to start reducing your waste and common questions in the plastic debate. Check out her blog ( and Instagram @lesswastelaura for more tips and information on reducing single-use plastics and implementing sustainable lifestyle choices.

I hope you enjoy this podcast episode and thank you for tuning in.


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