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av EEAST General Broadcast | Publicerades 11/2/2020

We cannot care for our patients if we don't take care of ourselves.In these incredibly challenging times it is vital that we take time to look after ourselves, to give us the strength and ability to continue during what is likely to be a challenging winter for the NHS.There is a huge amount of support and guidance out there, which in itself can be difficult to navigate. Below is a selection of links and resources to give you some guidance on where you can get support and tools to help support your mental wellbeing, however please also follow the support available in your organisation where possible.For EEAST staff, please speak to your line manager, or search EAST24 for resources available to the Trust.Dr Ester Murray podcast giving some great tips and tricks on coping with extreme challenges.NHS employers guide to help and resourcesSamaritans or call 116 213Guided breathing for stress from the NHS Thank you so much for everything you do. Be kind to yourself and others. Take care See for privacy and opt-out information.

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General Broadcast covers the whole of the Ambulance service, from clinical to non-technical skills, from best practice to learning from incidents and more.It's a chance to hear from experts about the latest developments in the industry, thought provoking ideas and innovations all in the world of the NHS and EEAST in particular. It's not just blue lights and sirens!Whether you work for any ambulance service or just want to learn more, it's the best place to hear about the world of the ambuance service. See for privacy and opt-out information.