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Incident reporting: Richard Smith

av EEAST General Broadcast | Publicerades 6/18/2020

*Please note this episode contains swearing taken from qualitative research*The only way to learn is to understand what we've done well, and what we can improve on. The only way we can do that is identify events where something's happened.The NHS in general is known to have challenges with reporting cultures, and staff feeling they are able to speak up. This is a challenge when organisations want to learn what's going wrong, or right, and why.Richard Smith is the Head of Quality and Safety at Addenbrooks Hospital, and has written a paper on incident reporting in a UK Ambulance Service. He talks about staffs fear of punishment, both formal and informal, as well as the wider culture around error within healtchare.If you have any feedback plaese email jordan.nicholls@eastamb.nhs.ukFollow @EEAST_Safety on Twitter See for privacy and opt-out information.

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