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1,2,3 and 4 is a GO ! But together they make 10. Ten is the base of the decimal system . We always countdown from 10. Our uniquely placed 10 fingers make us the supreme specie. There are 10 commandments of God . 10 is the number of wickets required to be taken to win a Cricket Match ! And when Tendulkar decided to show up on the cricket field, his jersey apparently read the number 10. The most iconic footballers in history like Pelé & Maradona had the legendary number 10 on their jerseys too. Somehow, the number 10 has found its significance in many aspects of this World. Now the Electronyk Generation has a significant 10th - The Milestone Episode 10 of the Electronyk Podcast ! OUT NOW ......

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The time has come for a new era in the history of Indian Dance Music which will prove a landmark for generations to come. DJ NYK steps into the most state of the art way to bring his vibe to dance music fans around the world. Presenting " ELECTRONYK PODCAST " - A free to download, power packed mix tape of some of the best Electronic Music & Bollywood Remixes , handpicked by DJ NYK himself including segments like Electronyk Maestro featuring latest tracks from young, upcoming dj's/music producers brimming with talent & DJ NYK’s very own heart thumping, awe inspiring exclusive mixes to top it all. And if just the tunes weren’t enough for a celebration, Goodies will be shipped down to winners of the contests from DJ NYK himself keeping in tune with the interactive nature of the show. This and Much more on www.ElectronykPodcast.com SUBSCRIBE NOW !