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Alex Lieberman on Morning Brew and the Entrepreneurial Journey

Alex Lieberman is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of Morning Brew, a daily email newsletter that condenses business news into more accessible, entertaining content. Alex started Morning Brew as a college student in 2015 and has grown it to over 3 million subscribers. Alex is also the host of the popular podcast Founder’s Journal, which offers a glimpse behind the scenes of Morning Brew. Alex joined host Robert Glazer on the Elevate Podcast to talk about creating the Morning Brew, scaling it into a nine-figure media brand, dealing with impostor syndrome and more.

Om Podcasten

Learn how to push your limits and elevate your life, your business and your family with the Elevate Podcast. Join Robert Glazer, CEO of Acceleration Partners, #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author and creator of the Friday Forward, as he sits down with people who are at the top of their fields—from renowned entrepreneurs, visionaries and change-makers to the world's great writers, thinkers and business leaders. In his discussions, you’ll hear from experts about how they grow their capacity and help others achieve their best lives. Whether you are wanting to build better habits, trying to push yourself to a new level or looking to learn tips from people who share your passion for improvement, this podcast will help you make actionable changes in your life and start reaping the benefits today.