The Great Reset: 'Igniting the Spark'

Elis, John and Producer Dave are busy working on the relaunch of their brand new podcast, but with the launch date fast approaching they've decided to turn to one of the most celebrated creatives of their generation for advice.Elis and John are back BIGGER AND BETTER from 6th February, with red hot content now released on Tuesday AND Friday every week; returning with groundbreaking features, scintillating chat and anecdotal gold that'll blow your BBC Sounds sock off.You'll also be able to relive the fun on 5 Live on Fridays afternoons from 1pm.To get in touch, email to

Om Podcasten

Join the UK's youngest and most relevant broadcasters Elis James and John Robins for your twice-weekly dose of big laughs and top quality #content. Hilarious, welcoming and unashamedly ashamed, let these two best friends keep you company every Tuesday and Friday. Email: WhatsApp: 07974293022 #elisandjohn