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Eitan Reisel — Future of games investing

In this podcast episode, I'm chatting with Eitan Reisel, Managing Partner of VGames, an early-stage gaming VC from Israel. Eitan and his team have been operating for a few years now with two funds raised. They've already have been investing in dozens of gaming companies worldwide. In this discussion, we talk about Eitan's approach to helping founders, how he makes investment decisions, and what the future looks like for both mobile and crypto gaming.

Om Podcasten

Joakim Achren from Elite Game Developers talks to founders and investors on how to start, run and grow a games company. In a nutshell, this is a podcast about the founders and investors who are building the games companies of the future. What are their success stories, failures, what they’ve learned from them and how more people will be able to get into creating games through successful games companies.