LEO Horoscope for SAGITTARIUS SEASON (November 21-December 21, 2021)

These horoscopes are month-ahead forecasts for each sign for Sagittarius Season in 2021. Sagittarius Season is November 21-December 21, 2021 Want to read instead of listen? Find the WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTIONS at: https://www.embodiedastrology.com/horoscopes PREORDER YOUR CHART IS A BODY: An Introduction to Embodied Chart Reading https://www.embodiedastrology.com/live-event-sales/pre-order-recording-access-introduction-to-embodied-chart-reading Early bird discount extended through November 29! PREORDER THE 2022 YEAR-AHEAD READINGS FOR YOUR SUN/RISING SIGN https://www.embodiedastrology.com/store/2021-expanded-readings-dx8r8 Order before December 1 and get $25 off 2021 YEAR AHEAD READINGS ARE NOW 50% OFF https://www.embodiedastrology.com/expanded-readings-for-sun-rising-signs BECOME A SUBSCRIBER Get discounts for everything in my shop, access to my extended monthly content, and exclusive, subscriber-only workshops. https://www.embodiedastrology.com/subscribe LEARN THE BASICS OF ASTROLOGY with the Embodied Astrology Basics Handbook. In this handbook you’ll learn the core components of reading a chart. This resource is included in Your Chart is a Body (above) or you can order the handbook on its own here. https://www.embodiedastrology.com/store/basics Do you love this work? Share it with your friends and family :) Leave a tip! https://www.embodiedastrology.com/tip-jar Venmo: Renee-Sills Follow Embodied Astrology: Instagram - @embodiedastrology Facebook - Embodied Astrology (@embodiedastrology) (Sagittarius rules the hips, butt, and thighs. Its energy helps us to literally and metaphorically climb, ascend, and expand our consciousness and vision. This photo by Herbert Santos. Submit your body love photos to the #eabodiesproject and get a year-ahead reading for your sign! Click here for more info. ) --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/embodied-astrology/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/embodied-astrology/support

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