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Christi Paul: Leaving An Abusive Relationship

av Empower Midlife with Julie Moran | Publicerades 3/31/2020

Christi Paul (news anchor CNN New Day & HLN) wrote a book called “Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt". It’s a personal account of her journey overcoming verbal and emotional abuse from her first marriage. Like most women in this situation she blamed herself which left her feeling she had no value or self-worth and nowhere to turn for help. Then one day, while sitting in a church parking lot, a bible verse popped into her head: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” From that moment on, she slowly began to rebuild her self-esteem and take control of her life. She is now happily remarried and the mother of three girls and feels obligated to share her story in hopes that other victims of abuse will find the courage to seek the help they desperately need and deserve.

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