Empower Midlife with Julie Moran

Penelope Ann Miller: Staying Relevant in Hollywood

av Empower Midlife with Julie Moran | Publicerades 3/10/2020

Penelope Ann Miller (Biloxi Blues, Kindergarten Cop, Awakenings, Carlito’s Way, The Birth of a Nation) is an American actress who’s worked in movies and TV and started her career on Broadway. She talks about the importance of being true to yourself, which helps explain her longevity in Hollywood. She also shares a few stories about some of her biggest co-stars, including Brando, Pacino and De Niro.

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Julie is loving midlife and wants you to love it as well. Her guests are women who are truly embracing this period of life. She will share their stories and experiences, along with their doubts and insecurities, and most of all their advice and encouragement, in hopes of inspiring you to live the absolute best life you can – no matter your age.