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217. Earth Elements In Healing Mother Wounds ft Kerri Hummingbird

Earth Elements & Healing Mother Wounds in the Presence:As a soul, we came here to learn and grow beyond that challenge. Soul focuses on experiencing the whole range of life emotions & variety & growth and expansion! Dive into this Deep Talk where we discuss:1. The Realization that there is a consciousness from Earth that always influence our Life design & how healing Mother Wounds take place through Earth Element!2. What are the signatures of Earth lessons?3. Have fun with the mystery & know why the challenge is happening for you and to you.Gift from Kerri:The Love Mastery Game - an oracle game that reveals the soul's curriculum inside your life challenge and gives you Earth allies to sort through it.****Learn more About Kerri  (receive 17 days of interviews for the Return of Mother Wisdom Series)www.kerrihummingbird.comPodcast: www.soulnectar.showFacebook:****Thank you for your time and for listening to my podcast!Connect with me on IG: Facebook: my Empowered Muse Tribe:

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