Energy Evolution

Energy futurist sees major obstacles for renewables in next 30 years

av Energy Evolution | Publicerades 9/19/2019

Population growth and mineral resource scarcity will hamper the global energy sector's transition from hydrocarbons to renewables even as activist investors push many oil and gas companies to pivot toward more sustainable electricity sources, financial forecaster and futurist Jason Schenker says in the inaugural episode of Energy Evolution, a new S&P Global Market Intelligence podcast. Schenker is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute and the President of Prestige Economics. He has also authored several bo

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Energy Evolution is a new podcast from S&P Global Market Intelligence that explores the ways the energy industry is changing. Co-hosts Dan Testa, Allison Good and Taylor Kuykendall spend each episode talking to leading experts from the energy and finance fields and breaking down the trends that the policy makers, traders and industry professionals needs to know about. The team uses the reporting firepower and data resources of Market Intelligence to tackle the big issues of the day and changes on the horizon. Dan, Allison and Taylor are veteran journalists with broad expertise covering the utility, oil and gas and mining sectors.