Enneagram Mapmakers with Christopher Heuertz

The Enneagram of Belonging

av Enneagram Mapmakers with Christopher Heuertz | Publicerades 5/19/2020

On today's episode, Chris and his producer Corey are talking about the Enneagram of Belonging. Corey and Phileena (Chris's wife) surprise Chris with several of his friends and family to be a part of a special episode celebrating the release of Chris's new book in a time when there is no book release party or book tours. Special thanks to: Paul K, Anahi S, Kirsten Powers, Jeelan, Ryan Meeks, Micky ScottBey Jones, Ryan O'Neal, The Hartzells, Michelle Meeks, Mariah Houston, Vera Leung, Dr. Avon, Ying Guo, Amber Redmond, Gabes Torres, Brent & Micah Crampton, Adam Heuertz and the Girls, Nhien Vuong, Bethel Lee and David Namkung, Cherini Ghobrial, Talía Guerrero, Hannah Paasch and Phileena Heuertz for making all of this special and possible.

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Enneagram Mapmakers explores the interior landscape of the ego through conversations with legacy teachers such as Richard Rohr, Helen Palmer and Russ Hudson. Hosted by Christopher Heuertz, author of The Sacred Enneagram and The Enneagram of Belonging, this podcast journeys to the origins of an ancient and often misunderstood system designed to help us live a more embodied and integrated life. Transcend the temptation to fixate on a specific number and discover how to embrace all types within you.