S03E01 Enterprising Mindsets: Steph McGovern

Sharon speaks to TV presenter and business journalist Steph McGovern to discover how she developed her habits and behaviours around money and how this shaped her career direction.   Steph describes how her entrepreneurial spirit was evident from an early age, selling amongst other things Take That stickers! She explains how her innate interest in how the world of money works led to her becoming Robert Peston’s producer, and how she helped families reprioritise their spending habits in her TV show, Shop Well for Less?.   She also talks about why she considers it essential that financial education is taught to primary-age children and how, as ‘Spreadsheet Steph’, she is encouraging her friends and family to build a money mindset.

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The ‘Enterprising Mindsets’ podcast with Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, explores the role mindset has in building financial capability and entrepreneurial skills. In conversation with business leaders, educators and young people, Sharon finds out how their early attitudes and behaviours were formed, how these shaped their journey so far, and what we can be doing to support young people to develop an enterprising mindset.