S03E02 Enterprising Mindsets: Steve Hare

In this episode, Sharon speaks to Steve Hare, CEO of Sage, a FTSE 100 market-leading company offering cloud business management solutions. During their conversation, Sharon discovers the early influences that shaped his attitudes around money, and hears how he believes that providing financial education to young people removes barriers and creates opportunities, turning something that can be feared into an enabler.   Steve also explains why he feels that taking risks and having a willingness to fail are important characteristics to encourage in young people, and Sharon learns why he considers that money is not something that should define you, but should help and enable you to do things. They also discuss Sage’s ‘Knocking Down Barriers’ sustainability and society strategy for levelling up, designed to create opportunities and help give people the confidence to try and go after that opportunity.

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The ‘Enterprising Mindsets’ podcast with Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, explores the role mindset has in building financial capability and entrepreneurial skills. In conversation with business leaders, educators and young people, Sharon finds out how their early attitudes and behaviours were formed, how these shaped their journey so far, and what we can be doing to support young people to develop an enterprising mindset.