S2 Enterprising Mindsets Trailer

S2 Trailer Our second series of Enterprising Mindsets shines a spotlight on female founders. We’ll hear first-hand from brilliant female founders and mentors on overcoming barriers to Female Entrepreneurship highlighted in the Alison Rose Review, as well as hearing from Alison Rose herself.  We’ll chat about experiences of tackling barriers such as limited access to mentors, networks and funding as well as exploring their take on other barriers to female entrepreneurship, such as self-belief and fear of going it alone. Our aim being to identify more ways in which collectively we can inspire more young women to consider and pursue entrepreneurship.

Om Podcasten

The ‘Enterprising Mindsets’ podcast with Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, explores the role mindset has in building financial capability and entrepreneurial skills. In conversation with business leaders, educators and young people, Sharon finds out how their early attitudes and behaviours were formed, how these shaped their journey so far, and what we can be doing to support young people to develop an enterprising mindset.