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When climate science and business collide

av ESG Insider: A podcast from S&P Global | Publicerades 2/26/2021

Investor pressure is growing for companies and financial institutions to assess and disclose their exposure to climate risks such as wildfires, sea-level rise, hurricanes and other extreme weather events. But in a new report, a handful of climate scientists in Australia warn that many existing climate models are extremely nuanced and were not designed with a business-specific application in mind. In this episode of the ESG Insider podcast, we explore the challenges of using climate models in physical risk assessments. We speak with two authors of the report: Tanya Fiedler, who is a lecturer in the discipline of accounting at the University of Sydney, and Andy Pitman, a professor at the University of South Wales. We also talk with Steve Bullock, Global Head of ESG Product Innovation and Analytics at S&P Global Trucost. Trucost assesses risks relating to climate change and natural resource constraints with aim of translating those climate models and other data into information companies can use. Steve says financial market participants need some insight into the magnitude of these risks so that they can begin to take action. "Given the urgent need for action, having a blurry photograph of risk exposure is certainly better than having no visibility at all," Steve tells us.

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