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Ethical Fashion Podcast

Trend Forecaster Li Edelkoort talks Slow Fashion & Consumerism

av Ethical Fashion Podcast | Publicerades 6/30/2020

WHERE NEXT? In this episode, Simone and Clare are in Paris to talk with the great Dutch trend forecaster Lidewidj Edelkoort and hear her insights on where fashion - and culture - is headed.  "We will change possibly everything we do now. It's going to be a radical moment of change," says Li, who once described her work as "archeology of the future".   Li's company Trend Union puts out riveting forecasts and reports predicting what’s next. You’ve no doubt heard of her famous Anti-Fashion Manifesto published in 2014. And you probably read recently about her ideas on how coronavirus has led us into a quarantine of consumption from which we might, if we’re smart, choose to press reset button. This interview recorded before that, but it is, unsurprisingly prescient. From slowing down and doing more with less to new economic models. From reconnecting with storytelling to the tactility of textiles and the importance of local communities - all these things are on tomorrow's agenda. Follow us on Instagram @ethicalfashion www.ethicalfashioninitiative.org Our music is from the original production From Kabul to Bamako, music directed by Saïd Assadi. This podcast was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.  

Om Podcasten

How can fashion be a force for good? Goodbye fast fashion! Hello to a better way focused on social and environmental justice, inclusivity and sustainable development. The UN's Ethical Fashion Initiative acts as a bridge, connecting marginalised artisan communities, often in challenging and remote locations, with some of the biggest names in international fashion. Explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation with your hosts UN officer Simone Cipriani and sustainable fashion journalist Clare Press.