Episode 2: Juan Jose Keena // Open the Kimono

The Norwegan architect and theorist, Christian Norberg-Schulz once soberly stated that it is meaningless to imagine anything happening without reference to a locality. Of course, we all instinctively know this to be true because we acknowledge that events take place. Though, how might we understand events and activities that are intended not simply to occupy physical space but specifically to make place; places which are collectively shared, experienced and reimagined? Open the Kimono is a multidisciplinary cultural design platform based in Aarhus which focuses on exactly this kind of creative and social place making which is an obvious challenge in times of social distancing. I talked with project manager, Juan Jose Keena, about cognitive diversity, the cultural scene of Aarhus seen from an international perspective and hope for a more sociable future.

Om Podcasten

Kunst og antropologi beskæftiger sig ofte med de samme abstrakte ideer om, hvad det vil sige at være menneske. Ideen med etnografik er at udforske kunsten fra antropologiske vinkler gennem samtaler med de mennesker, der har kunsten tæt inde på livet.