Ep. 261 Myo-Inositol: Why Supplementation is so Beneficial for Our Health

I have the honor of reconnecting with Scott Emmens today! Scott is the COO of MD Logic and a fellow health entrepreneur.  Scott and I dive into Myo-inositol, one of my latest and favorite supplements! We explain what it is, its mechanism of action, and how it impacts the blood-brain barrier. We discuss its clinical considerations, relevant research regarding metabolic health, sleep, sleep architecture, and how we supplement ourselves. We also get into how we create Myo-inositol in our bodies, factors that could deplete endogenous Myo-inositol, and why supplementation can be beneficial. IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: What Myo-inositol is and what it does.  Why I decided to make Myo-inositol my next supplement. How does a supplement containing sugar alcohol support metabolic health? How Myo-inositol benefits metabolic health. Will it break your fast if you use Myo-inositol in a fasted state? What is the mechanism of action of Myo-inositol in the cells? How Myo-inositol impacts the blood-brain barrier and neurotransmitter pathways. How Myo-inositol may reduce inflammation and impact thought-processing. Why is it critically important to maintain metabolic health throughout our lifetime? Some natural sources of Myo-inositol. How our modern lifestyles can impact our ability to create endogenous Myo-inositol and make it harder to keep the levels optimized in the body. How Myo-inositol improves the entire sleep structure. What distinguishes MD Logic from other similar companies? Bio: Scott Emmens is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of MD Logic Health. His interest in BIOHACKING and nutrition began in college as an amateur natural bodybuilder and Biology major. While in college he sought to teach others how to stay strong, lean, and fit via recovery. It was in college he created his first fitness system and a 30-page booklet called “The Natural Body Building System” He continues to be on the cutting edge of bio-optimization and utilizes ice baths “cold immersion” photobiomodulation commonly referred to as redlight and infrared therapies among many nutrition and fasting techniques.  Scott utilized his knowledge and love of biology and fitness to help drive his career in Biotech where he held a variety of roles as a Sales Leader, Disease Education Awareness Director, Director of Operations, and executive. In 2018 Scott was the lead founder of Olaregen therapeutics (Pronounced Ola-Region therapeutics.) Specializing in wound and skin care using nutrients, peptides, and collagen for a variety of skin conditions.   During his 20 years as Biotech founder and executive, Scott focused on a blend of integrative and allopathic medicine. Working within many complex therapeutic areas, including neurology, rare disease, asthma, and diabetes. Scott has held various strategic and operational roles preparing him to be both a health advocate and entrepreneur. His personal mission is to help people become their own health advocates while providing them with the knowledge and resources to be physically spiritually and emotionally fit. Ultimately leading Scott to create MD Logic Health. Connect with Cynthia Thurlow Follow on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn Check out Cynthia’s website Connect with Scott Emmens MD Logic HealthOn Instagram (@longevityprotocol) On TikTok (@collagenguru) Go to www.cynthiathurlow.com/inositol to get 25% off Myo-inositol between the 11th and the 19th of March and 15% off between the 20th and the 31st of March. Episode 244 - The Metabolic Effects of Creatine Monohydrate: Its Evidence of Efficacy for Muscle & Brain Health with Scott Emmens and Kara Lazauskas

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