Ep. 264 Peri/Menopause are a Natural Function of Aging: See you later, Ovulator!

I am honored to connect with Esther Blum today! She is the bestselling author of "Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat," "Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous," and most recently, "See Ya Later, Ovulator!". Esther currently maintains a busy virtual practice where she helps women balance hormones, lose stubborn body fat, and treat the root cause of health struggles.  Today we speak about medical gaslighting, how weight gain does not have to be a part of aging, andropause and menopause, and the Women’s Health Initiative. We dive into physical changes and significant symptoms during perimenopause and menopause, the role of the pelvic floor, deciphering what the dreaded “menopot” is, what does not work, and advocacy in terms of testing and hormones. We also address constipation, weight loss resistance, and how our tolerance for alcohol changes as we age, especially when using bioidenticals or hormone replacement therapy.  IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: How women can redefine their experience and continue having an active sex life after menopause. How to surrender, lean in, and take the pressure off yourself while going through perimenopause and menopause. Why is there so much misinformation and medical gaslighting in our society? Why Esther wrote See Ya Later, Ovulator! Some common symptoms of perimenopause. Risks women may face after a hysterectomy. Changes that happen in the vaginal canal and pelvic floor during menopause. The significant and profound impact of the decline of sex hormones. How to avoid weight gain in menopause. What can menopausal women do to prevent fatty liver and digestive problems? Lab tests women should be asking their health providers for. Why should perimenopausal women avoid alcohol?  Some simple ways to address constipation. Connect with Cynthia Thurlow Follow on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn Check out Cynthia’s website Connect with Esther Blum On her website On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Get your free copy of Esther’s Happy Hormone Cocktail Esther’s Books Esther’s book, See Ya Later, Ovulator!, by Esther Blum Cavewomen Don’t Get Fat, by Esther Blum Eat, Drink, and Be Happy, by Esther Blum

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