New Year’s Resolutions Are Creepy

This week on Everything is Creepy: Lauren and Bobby are back and delving into all things resolutions... and then some! Leave a voice message and YOU could be featured on Everything is Creepy: (929) 390-8464‬ Subscribe and Watch on YouTube! This episode is sponsored by: Babbel Zocdoc

Om Podcasten

So, in case you didn't know… Everything is Creepy! Yes, EVERYTHING! Parenting? Creepy! Social Media? Creepy! Pizza? Yes, even that can be creepy! LaurenZside has built an online career as a content creator on YouTube by playing video games that may seem normal or even cute on the outside but are actually super weird, creepy, or even terrifying beneath the surface. Join Lauren and her husband Bobby as they turn this concept into a podcast by talking about completely normal everyday topics that will slowly descend into discussing the dark, weird, or creepy side of it. You’ll never look at EVERYTHING the same again!