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Navigating A Self Driving Future! Cars and Freight with Anna Pernestål #26

av Evolution Show | Publicerades 2/1/2020

Welcome to the Evolution Show!   

We´re back with season 2 of the Show!

Today I have Anna Pernestål back on the show to talk about self driving tech and how it´s  about to change our economy completely!

We look closer at the oppurturtunites and challenges when it comes to fully self driving cars and solutions for freight.   

Anna is one of Sweden´s leading experts on self driving technologies, digitalization and shared mobility and is director and senior researcher at Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden where she is involved in a number of projects on the forefront of self driving technlogies, for example the City of Järfälla outside Stockholm which aim to be the first city in Europe to offer a fully self driving transport system within the city.  She also works with companies like Scania and Ericsson.  

Feel free to check out episode 2 where I talk more about this with Anna

Anna also interviewed me in the first episode in the Evolution Show about bees and beekeeping!   

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