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Pioneering Commercial Electric Planes - Inspiring talk with CEO of Heart Aerospace #17

av Evolution Show | Publicerades 9/12/2019

This is a conversation I have been looking forward to a long time!  

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Join us for an inspiring conversation with one of the leading pioneers developing the first commercial elertric air planes, the Swedish startup Heart Aerospace having the founder and CEO on the show: Anders Forslund. Anders is an aviation and space engineer that intends to change the aviation industry starting in Sweden and the Nordic countries with an electric plane for domestic flights as well as in Nordic region.  

 In fierce competition Heart Aerspace convinced Y-combinator investors and others that startup have the competence and the innovative power to have a commercial electric air plane ready in 2025, even Swedish Aviation companies have declared that they are ready to take orders when the planes are ready.   

I was inspired and regained some hope that we can take the first real steps to transform the aviation industry away from fossil fuels and as usual it is the outsiders that make it happen!   

Part 2 of the conversation will be out on Monday where we focus more on the general aviation market and how electric commercial planes can change everything!   

Check out more about Heart Aerospace here

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