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The Story behind Norway’s Electric Car Revolution

av Evolution Show | Publicerades 2/19/2020

How is it that Norway has become a world leader in EV adoption? Why is it that  +40 000 Teslas are crowding Norway´s streets and the Tesla Model 3 now is the most popular car in the country? And how is it possible that more than 42 % of Norways car registrations in 2019 were battery electric vehicles and less than 14 % plug-in hybrids?   

In today´s episode we also compare to our country, Sweden- that is so far behind...  

Join us for an inspiring conversation here on the Evolution Show when we try to learn from the world´s leading EV market, at least on a per capita basis (check out episode 28 for more about China the biggest EV market in number of EV:s on the road). 

In part 1 with Tibor we ask the question "Where are the Tesla Killers"

Our guest today is one once again Tibor Blomhäll, founder and president of Tesla Club Sweden and one of Sweden´s leading experts on electric vehicles!  

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