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Ep. 23: What is the association of parenting styles with emotion regulation in infancy?

We're all told that we need to be good parents, but what does this mean? Is it universal for all people of all walks of life? In this episode, I talk with my ongoing guest Dr. Levita D'Souza about a paper that piqued our interest looking at the relationship of parenting styles with emotion regulation in a predominantly lower-SES and African American sample. Through understanding the effects of parenting on emotion regulation, we can better understand the implications for child development in these marginalized communities. And yes, we need to consider the intersection of parenting and race and economics because these have profound impacts for what we might consider "a good parent". So let us take a look at this important work and what we can glean from it. The Paper: Dr. Joanna Wu: Dr. Levita D'Souza: To learn more about the Evolutionary Parenting Podcast visit

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The Evolutionary Parenting Podcast with Tracy Cassels, PhD focuses on topics and research relevant to parents today. Using developmental psychology, biology, anthropology, and evolution as a basis for all discussion, the podcast explores parenting issues like sleep (including sleep training, co-sleeping, and bedsharing), breastfeeding and feeding, discipline, and more. Tracy interviews both professionals who are in the parenting world and researchers whose research is relevant to today's parents. For parents who want to understand how our children have evolved to develop, how we as parents can help them thrive, and the role of science in all of this.