#14 Dr. Joe Tafur on Covid19 (Coronavirus), The Epigenetics Of Trauma, and Finding Joy & Resilience Through Spirituality

This week I had the opportunity to talk with integrative Family Physician, curandero, author, and speaker  Dr. Joe Tafur.Joe is a gifted medicine man, healer, thinker, and doer. He is one of the few western-trained doctors who has also completed full training in traditional amazonian healing. As such he brings a powerful and unique perspective to the work we have to do to heal our culture. In March of 2017, Joe published his book The Fellowship of the River: A Medical Doctor’s Exploration into Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine about his unique journey into spiritual healing work. It’s a beautiful book and fully recommended for anyone interested in bridging eastern and western healing. With his colleagues, Joe also started the nonprofit Modern Spirit, dedicated to demonstrating the value of spiritual healing in modern healthcare. In addition to education and community-building projects, Modern Spirit is currently focused on supporting the Modern Spirit Epigenetics Project, a groundbreaking substudy of the MAPS MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy research trial. Learn more and donate at www.modernspirit.orgIn 2019, Dr. Tafur and his colleagues Dr. Amalia Baca ND and Ray Baca opened the Ocotillo Center for Integrative Medicine, an integrative clinic in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The Ocotillo Center offers naturopathic medical Services, integrative medical consulting, counseling, health education, and hands-on-healing. Joe offers integrative medical services at the Center for Integrative Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona; and is also offering telehealth services to individuals in both Arizona and California.In this episode, Joe and I discuss the Coronavirus outbreak, and Joe shares his opinions on the current situation from a doctor’s point of view. We discussed how we can help each other and ourselves during this crisis and how our world might look once the pandemic is over.Besides that, Joe talked about his Modern Spirit Project and the epigenetics research they are conducting alongside MAPS. The hypothesis is that the people that heal from PTSD through MDMA assisted psychotherapy will see shifts in their epigenetics and the way their genes are expressed. The findings would be revolutionary, and the project is raising funds so they can complete their research. You can help them by going to https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/modern-spirit-epigenetics-project.Please listen and help spread the word by sharing this episode.

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