#15 Marco Chung-Shu Lam on Permaculture, Plant Teachers, Fulfilling Our Spiritual Contract and Becoming an Integrated Human

“The longer people are on the medicine path, the more they wanna repair the damage between them and the natural world” - Marco Chung-Shu LamHow do concepts from permaculture and Chinese medicine mix with the intentional use of psychedelics? What do permaculture and Chinese medicine have to teach us about the Coronavirus outbreak?In this episode, we find out. This week I interviewed Marco Chung-Shu Lam, the founder, and director of the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic where he and his team work with top athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders to help them find new levels of flow performance and peace. Marco is a herbalist and permaculturist who specializes in the oldest medical system in the world - Chinese medicine, and also a senior teacher of Permaculture at Naropa University here in Boulder, where he helped found the permaculture program. He founded two herbal beverage companies - Performance Tea & Freya Health. Besides that, Marco is currently running a regenerative farm in Steamboat Springs, where he grows some of the herbs that he uses in his clinic.Psychedelics give us powerful experiences but those experiences aren’t really worth anything without effective integration. In this episode, we discuss integration and how to bring psychedelic experiences home by connecting to the land and to plant teachers using concepts from permaculture and Chinese medicine. And we discuss how to live a good life as taught by nature and the “Pattern language of human health”: Chinese medicine. This is an important episode in this series. I hope you enjoy it!Will Show links:Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic - https://bouldermandala.com/Marco’s farm - https://elkstonefarm.com/ Naropa University - https://www.naropa.edu/Performance Tea - https://www.performancetea.com/Freya Health - https://freyahealth.com/

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