#19 Dr. Will Van Derveer on Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychiatry & A Revolution in Mental Healthcare (Treating Depression & Anxiety with MDMA & Psychedelics)

This week I interview Dr. Will Van Derveer, a groundbreaking physician who is rewriting our understanding of mental health and wellbeing.Dr. Will is the founder of Integrative Psychiatry Centers where he and his team use the most innovative treatments, including ketamine, to identify and address the root causes of mental illness. Dr. Will also runs the integrative Integrative Psychiatry Institute whose goal is to create and sustain a revolution in mental health and combat our mental health crisis by training physicians in an integrative approach. The Institute is currently training hundreds of psychiatrists in integrative psychiatry, a new more holistic model of mental health and well-being.Will has published research on MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD and written book chapters on the field of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and other clinical applications of psychedelic compounds. He is one of our nation's most respected ketamine physicians and in addition to traditional medical training, he is also a meditation instructor and is trained in shamanism, EMDR, somatic experiencing, internal family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, and hypnosis. In this conversation, we trace Will’s journey through traditional psychiatry training to his disillusionment with conventional pharmacological interventions, through his own odyssey and eventual discovery of psychedelics (MDMA and ketamine) as treatment modalities for trauma and depression. We discuss the results he’s seeing with his patients and his current efforts to redefine mental health and psychiatry training in the US and around the world.--This episode is brought to you by The Trip Report - a wonderful online newsletter and blog by Zach Haigney about the latest and most exciting psychedelic news and happenings. If you want to be in the know about the psychedelic renaissance, check it out. This episode is also brought to you by Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, the fundraising accelerator for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Every 3 months we scour the globe for the most impressive entrepreneurs building impactful companies, and we take them through a 3-month accelerator program focused 100% around helping them close seed financing. Our process has already been used to close more than 20 million dollars in seed capital and we're just getting started. If you or someone you know is creating something impactful and is raising seed capital please visit our website to download free resources and get free pitch feedback.For the full show notes click here.

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