#24 Psychedelic Cannabis, Breathwork & Exploring DMT Space with Daniel McQueen

My guest in this episode of the podcast is Daniel McQueen, a psychedelic activist, community organizer, innovator, teacher, and author. Daniel is a founder of the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness which was established in 2012. The center was among the first legal psychedelic plant medicine therapy clinics in North America. At the clinic, Daniel and his team have developed some groundbreaking, effective and innovative modalities, including cannabis-assisted psychedelic therapy and cannabis-assisted psychotherapy. They also host regular breathwork sessions and community teaching around the safe and ethical use of psychedelics. More recently Daniel and his team have started offering training for those wanting to become involved in psychedelic healing. In 2019 Daniel published a book based on his work titled ‘Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate’.The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness is a clinic and a community promoting safe and intentional medicine use practices for personal and global healing and transformation.Daniel is a leader, pioneer in psychedelic therapy and specifically using cannabis as psychedelic medicine and I’m grateful to have him on show.Hope you enjoy this episode. If you like it please share it with your friends and leave a review so more people can join these types of conversations.**This episode is brought to you by Fulcrum Venture Accelerator, the fundraising accelerator for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Every 3 months Fulcrum scours the globe for the most impressive entrepreneurs building impactful companies and takes them through a 3-month accelerator program focused 100% around helping them close seed financing. Our process has already been used to close more than USD $22 million in seed capital and we're just getting started. If you or someone you know is creating something impactful and is raising seed capital please visit Fulcrum to download free resources and get free pitch feedback.Read the full show notes here.

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