#9 - Inside A Psychedelic Therapy Session: A Firsthand Experience of Healing Trauma With Psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, Ketamine, Iboga, MDMA and Cannabis)

Three months ago I had the opportunity to experience an eight-hour psychedelic healing session. It was one of the most memorable and transformative experiences of my life. The session was so impactful and healing that I feel a responsibility to share about it so that others might benefit.A note before I dive in: Some psychedelic medicines are sadly still Illegal in many jurisdictions and it takes work to find a legal context for this type of work. Please check your local laws and be safe and visit MAPS and donate if you feel called. (Thankfully things are changing: there is a growing recognition that psychedelic medicines are super duper effective and extremely safe. And legal contexts are popping up in the US as well: the first MDMA clinics are opening this year, ketamine clinics are popping up in many states, and psilocybin was recently decriminalized in Denver and Oakland.)Read a full story here:   https://evolvingearthpodcast.com/2019/09/27/inside-a-psychedelic-therapy-session-a-firsthand-experience-of-healing-trauma-with-psychedelics-lsd-psilocybin-ketamine-iboga-mdma-and-cannabis/

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