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Predictions for Season 8

av EW's Game of Thrones Weekly | Publicerades 9/4/2017

What does the Night King actually want? What's in the cards for Dany and Jon? Who is the Prince That Was Promised? Should The Mountain and The Hound finally have their face-off, who is most likely to win? James and Darren look back at the highs and lows of Season 7, discuss what to expect in Season 8, and give their updated rankings on where all the seasons currently stand. Thank you to everyone who listened and supported this podcast this season! Tweet questions to @JamesHibberd and @DarrenFranich, or send us an email at GOTpodcast@ew.com. Please rate us on iTunes and leave us a review! We’d love to hear from you.  Credits:  Hosts: James Hibberd (@jameshibberd) and Darren Franich (@DarrenFranich)  Producer: Cristina Everett (@cristinaeverett)  Editor: DGital Media (@DGitalmedia_)  Contact Us: GOTpodcast@ew.com  For the latest in GOT news, go to: ew.com/gameofthrones

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Dive deep into the HBO hit fantasy series each week with Entertainment Weekly's top Westeros war correspondent James Hibberd and Greyjoy fanboy Darren Franich as they talk about what happened on the show, both on camera and behind the scenes – and what might be coming up.