Being a multicultural family in The Netherlands

Michal van Belle-Stap is originally from Israel. She met her husband when she studied in Belgium. Short after she moved to The Netherlands where they live ever since. In this podcast she speaks about the pros and cons of living as a multicultural family in The Netherlands. She also talks about the services she provides for expats in the field of housing. If you would like to learn more about Michal or you wish to contact her, this is her website and email address: == Are you an expat living in The Netherlands? Would you like to share your story in an episode of Expat Podcast The Netherlands? Then simply send an email to 

Om Podcasten

Podcast channel for internationally minded people in The Netherlands. Interviews and lectures about living and working in The Netherlands, covering topics like Business, Career, Networking, Cultural differences, tips for trips and recommendations by fellow expats. The podcast is hosted by Michel Daenen, a Dutch sociologist who has been an expat himself and since he repatriated supports international people to have a smooth landing in The Netherlands. This podcast originally started as a Radio Show on Easy FM, a local radio show in the Amsterdam Area. More info: