Expedition Zervicepoint

Week #26 | The Definition Of Innovation

av Expedition Zervicepoint | Publicerades 10/23/2020

The Friday feeling is on and we will of course release a new episode of our smash hit - Expedition Zervicepoint. In this episode, we talk about something that should exist in all organizations, innovation, in particular what innovation is for us and how we in Team Zervicepoint choose to address it. Because it is possible to define innovation in many different ways. It is possible to talk fluffy about it, but it is also possible to go down to a more concrete level that talks about how to use it in practice.  What is a Think Week? What is innovation? Check out zervicepoint.com Song: Cambo - Travel https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Cambo/Music_For_Media_1488/Cambo_-_03_-_Travel

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