Expedition Zervicepoint

Week #3 | Moving Out

av Expedition Zervicepoint | Publicerades 5/15/2020

We’re moving out digitally, mentally, and physically!

Listen to what we are saying about our chaotic every-day-life right now. Everything needs to happen at the same time, big and small and how we are embracing the chaotic situation and loving it, otherwise we are moving too slow.

We want to build a different value-driven company and simplify the way we work in everything we do and discussing titles, what they say about our values, and how we can use them in a different way.

At the same time, the world is going through a pandemic and we are reflecting on the ups and downs and what good will come out of this.

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Meet Team Zervicepoint with friends in our adventure to build a new company. Join us to see what’s happening at the moment and when we open-hearted share our failures and success. Happiness is mixed with frustration and a will to change the world, where we believe nothing is impossible.