Expedition Zervicepoint

Week #7 | New opportunities, new friends

av Expedition Zervicepoint | Publicerades 6/19/2020

We are really happy and proud to present our first guest - Johan Berggren from FoF Family Office 🍾 💥 In this episode, you will hear Johan's amazing tips on how to actually run and develop a company. With his 20 years of experience in running his own business, he exhibits a side of both humility and goodwill in his quest to build relationships between the company and his clients. We're also giving you the story about how we met and how the interest between us arose. So, have a listen. Don't forget to give us your thoughts in the comment field below. What are your experience in building a company? ✨ | FoF – foffamily.se/ | AuAg  Fonder – auagfonder.se/ | Training program – zervicepoint.com/sv/kom-igang-med-automation/ | HouseWarming Party – youtu.be/NZimK3OOl9k | Previous podcast episode – zervicepoint.com/week-6-do-what-you-love/

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Meet Team Zervicepoint with friends in our adventure to build a new company. Join us to see what’s happening at the moment and when we open-hearted share our failures and success. Happiness is mixed with frustration and a will to change the world, where we believe nothing is impossible.