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DS Smith and Costa: A reverse cycle for coffee cups

av Explore the Circular Economy | Publicerades 12/19/2019

The wastefulness of takeaway paper coffee cups and issues of recyclability have regularly featured in the headlines in recent years as topics like ocean plastics become increasingly prominent. Better design and reuse are clearly on top of the agenda, but there's demands for better recycling are also firmly on the agenda of governments, organisations and consumers. Listen to this podcast to hear the story of how DS Smith has aimed to tackle this issue, starting by finding a solution to recycling coffee cups at scale in a standard paper mill, and then moving on to consider the system that sits around that technology with the launch of their Coffee Drop Box solution. We'll also be joined in the studio by the Head of Environment from one of the UK's largest coffee retailers, who will talk about the challenge of single use takeaway cups and the respective roles that reuse and recycling can play in changing a consumer's relationship with those products.

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