Earning Our Peabody | Extraneous Supernatural Episode 61

Time to make yourself a nice cup of tea, hot chocolate, cocktail... whatever you drink to keep calm, because it's Part 1 of our women in Supernatural commentary. This episode Taekia and Leah go through the female characters we encounter in Seasons 1-7 of the show and the unfortunately shallow tropes they fall into. We're earning our critical scout badges on this one, so press play and try not to get too frustrated. And remember: we rant because we love. — Use code extraneous for $10 off after your first order of $25 or more, when you download Tavour from your app store today! — If you’re missing Supernatural, we have a handy dandy playlist of all the songs from the show, right here on Spotify! If you’re looking for Extraneous: Steven Universe, you’re in the right spot! All back episodes are on this feed! —– This podcast is a part of the Mischief Media network. Follow us on Twitter @extraneouspod and Instagram @extraneous.pod to let us know all of your thoughts and feelings! You can also email us your words or even a voice memo over at extraneouspod@gmail.com. Just make sure to note if you want us to not read your name or anything like that. This episode was edited by Leah Cornish, and is driven by big nerd energy. We have a Patreon! Join our ever-growing community by going to Patreon.com/makingmischief today!

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