Fabric of Society

(3 of 3) From cottage industry to creative industries

av Fabric of Society | Publicerades 5/4/2021

In this third and last part, Rosa speaks to Ritva Kurittu-Kalaja who is a weaving facilitator from Tyeväinopisto at Omnia and Reetaleena Laine who is one of the weavers who use this public weaving space. Stine speaks with designer Liv Beier Heckmann from I Tråd Med Verden, a social enterprise in Copenhagen. Both the weaving space and the social enterprise, have a shared understanding of the social and almost therapeutic effects of making textiles with your hands. At the end of this last part of the episode, Rosa and Stine touch up on what we've learned and discuss handmade textiles in a broader context. In this pilot episode, we explore the handmaking of textiles in the Nordic countries. This is a podcast by PhD student Rosa Tolnov Clausen and artist Stine Linnemann, who are both trained weavers and textile enthusiasts. A special thanks to Nordic Culture Fund for their "Opstart" funding, which made this pilot episode possible. Soundscape by Marco Madia. www.omnia.fi www.itmv.dk www.rosatolnovclausen.com www.stinelinnemann.com www.nordiskkulturfond.org www.marcomadia.com

Om Podcasten

This is an on-going podcast series, looking at society through the gaze of textile making. Created by PhD student Rosa Tolnov Clausen and artist Stine Linnemann, who both trained as weavers. Join us, as we look at the world through the veil of textiles, examining everything from handmade hobbycrafts, the industrialisation, gender roles, social hierarchies, sustainability, the impact of natural disasters and much, much more. Funded by Nordic Culture Fund.