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Online Christian Counseling with Christel Ceraline Owen

av Faith & Family Fellowship | Publicerades 3/31/2020

Christel Ceraline Owen at “Christian Counseling On Skype” helps her clients find their own solutions to their problems through active listening. Through her unique techniques, she enables the client to take responsibility for their own life and make...

Om Podcasten

After nearly a decade on the mission field, Pastor Christopher Buscher felt led to produce his very first podcast episode called: The Insufficiency of Christ: when Jesus isn't enough. At a quick glance, this title might seem blasphemous in every way possible. However, after listening to only a few minutes of the episode you’ll completely change your mind. Late one night from Des Moines Iowa, Pastor Chris opened his heart filled with fears, doubts, and a heavy burden for all to hear. He finished the podcast episode with a prayer and a hope for the future of all to hear the Gospel message. Within a few short months, the podcast grew in popularity and a second studio was commissioned in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This second studio would be the home of the co-host and forerunner of Lay Me Down Ministries, Dallas O. Monticue. Together both Pastor Chris and Dallas form an excellent and exciting team from two separate studios thousands of miles apart. Faith & Family Fellowship is a Christ-centered podcast established in 2019 and hosted weekly by Pastor Chris Buscher and Dallas Monticue. Addressing a host of topics such as; The Great Commission, Christian Discipleship, and often featuring interviews with special guests who are experts in their field.